Important information on tube dosing pumps

Important information on tube dosing pumps

Universal tube dosing pump for all viscous and liquid consumables

Due to the constant expansion of our product range and continuous improving of our products, we inform you that the article “Tube dosing pump for soap” (no. 18145) is no longer manufactured.
As part of the production the article “Tube dosing pump for disinfectants” (no. 18140) will be converted too, so that both articles will be replaced by the newly developed
” Universal tube dosing pump” (no. 18875).

The new universal tube dosing pump can be used for all INFRATRONIC SOLUTIONS dispensers except the one equipped with foam generator and it is suitable for thin and thick liquid consumables.
Therefore it is not necessary to distinguish between soap and disinfectant any more.

The new tube dosing pump keeps on providing a drip-free and well-proven output amount of 1.5 ml. Moreover, it has improved material properties. In order to simplify the change for you, from now on all orders will be changed successively to the new universal tube dosing pump (no. 18875). After the product changeover orders with the old item numbers will be automatically provided with the universal tube dosing pump.

Accessories dispenser (except foam)
item change dosing pump

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