NEW Sensor faucet Optima 2727F

NEW Sensor faucet Optima 2727F

Modern touchless faucet for laboratory, vanity or commercial kitchen

From now new to the range is the Optima 2727F.
Optima 2727F progressively replaced the former Ventura faucet (8020/8025).

This sensor faucet leads the way for all, who like smartness, functionalities and design principles.

Datasheet Optima 2727F
Zur Produktansicht Optima 2727F

The touchless function gives you a vivid water flow when you place your hands under the spout – hygienic and easy. The water temperature can be preset by turning the adjustment ring made out of easy-grip material. The water flow automatically stops 40 s after starting, or 4 s after you remove your hands from under the faucet.

In accordance with the drinking water regulations DIN 2000 Optima is available with automatic hygiene flush (adjustable to every 12, 24, 48 and 72 hours). The automatic flow period is also adjustable in steps. 10280 Optima 2727F

With the two easy-grip levers you can quickly get water of a different temperature than is preset. The digital display shows you the current water temperature. The tall design leaves plenty of space to operate under the spout.

The Optima 2727F is also equipped with a smart dishwasher valve. The valve automatically closes the connection to the water inlet after three or twelve hours, depending on how you set the timer by gently pressing the dishwasher icon. A red signal light informs you of your choice.

The touchless function can be disabled for 2 minutes or until you enable it again by pressing the keyhole icon. Again for clarity, a red signal light blinks.

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